Every leader, teacher, or expert has their own approach


This is ours

There’s no such thing as an unbiased, totally objective and apolitical approach. Here’s our Hustle & Heart approach – expressed best through our manifesto.

Hustle and heart (you need both). Hustle without heart is the mindless pursuit of profit above all else. Heart without hustle quickly burns itself out or doesn’t have to cash needed to make a big impact. To ensure your good work ripples far beyond you, you need both hustle and heart, in business and in life.

Working for yourself is a privilege. Having the freedom to choose how you earn money and spend your time is a privilege (and yes, it’s also hard work!). Remember this when the chips are down.

Make boldness your business strategy. Fitting in wins you no favours in business. Attitudes taught when we were young are largely unhelpful when you run your own show. You need to be bold (your version of bold, nobody else’s) if you’re to thrive in business.

Curiosity and experimentation are essential. Advancements happen through perpetual curiosity, experimentation and continuous, incremental improvements. Fail fast. Stay curious. Keep experimenting.

Protect your enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is an essential attribute and a major asset in business. Countless people will try to dampen yours – resist.

Passion, well-channelled, can save the world. Passion, like enthusiasm, is precious. It can move mountains, if moving mountains is what you’re focused on (and you’ve got a shit-tonne of help).

Fall down, get up, keep going. Resilience is essential in business (and life). You are stronger than you likely know. Learn how to be your own cheerleader.

Beware of group think. Go against the herd if you want to be create real change, be memorable, and truly revolutionary.

Joy powers people powers business. People aren’t robots. We need to derive joy in business (not all parts, not all the time) to keep ourselves motivated and at the top of our game.

These beliefs and practices are central to my way of thinking, working and acting. I’ve developed these through the twin teachers of trial and error (the best around).

Download the manifesto.


Hustle & Heart Manifesto