Earn consistent $10K+ months, without burning out

Brook McCarthy Business Coach

If you’re in professional services, and not earning what you want, it’s NOT because you’re not good enough, experienced enough, or you’re in the wrong industry.

How do I know?

Because I’ve spent 12+ years lifting the lid on other people’s professional services businesses, as a business coach and trainer. And I’ve been in business for myself for 16+ years.

The biggest problem I see? It’s NOT a lack of talent.

Your money making skills are very different to your technical skills.

And, if you’re a values-based business owner who’s thoughtful, conscientious, and full of integrity, then I hazard a guess that you’re massively over-qualified (my clients are legitimate experts in their field, but that’s very different to being great at making money).

I want you to know: it’s more than possible to earn consistent $10,000+ months in business as a soloist, freelancer or small business owner. 

And you absolutely CAN do so, starting today:-

  • Without working longer hours (because really? Life’s too short to work day and night)
  • Without hiring and complicating your business/life
  • Without investing heavily or getting a huge influx of cash (though that’d be nice, thankyouverymuch…)

Your Blueprint to Consistent $10K+ months covers:

    Instant access to the Blueprint

    So you can get earning, immediately.

    Six mini video trainings on the six key elements to earning consistent $10K+ months

    These six things have a massive influence on your earnings and profit margins, so you know what levers you can pull

    The five myths about growth

    These misconceptions keep you stuck and frustrated, including  exactly how and why you’ll end up working fewer hours when you earn more

    Work with your own psychology

    Our unique Hustle &  Heart approach combines technical skills with psychology, so you can use self-insight to be your biggest cheerleader while you learn to think like an entrepreneur.

    This is especially for you if:

      You're working hard, but not earning enough and you're keen to earn (2x? 3x?) what you're earning, while working fewer hours

      You know your work is good, but your competitors are out-earning you, even though you're more experienced than they are

      You're keen to challenge your thinking and opinions, and better understand how to maximise your earnings

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