Grow your business to consistent $10K+ months

with small, everyday rituals, routines & habits
business coach brook mccarthy

It’s more than possible to earn $10K/month consistently through your online service-based business … while working 20-40hrs/week.

This training is for you if:

  • You’re a freelancer, coach or consultant who sells professional services.
  • You’re allergic to hype, fluff and ‘follow the leader’ propaganda. You want to grow your business, your way, in alignment with your values, purpose, and your personal propensities (ie: you get to inflict your tastes on the wider world, should you dare!).
  • You’re DONE with charging by the hour and ready to earn far more money, far more easily.
  • You DON’T want to overcomplicate your business with expensive tech and dancing TikToks. You want things to be simple.
  • You know the power of small habits, rituals, and routines and are HAPPY to do a little a day, every day.
  • You’re ready to challenge common business ‘wisdom’, dismantle the status quo, and grow your identity to reflect your new, highly profitable business!

It’s a bit of dirty secret how little most consultants, coaches, small business owners & freelancers earn

It’s not down to lack of talent or not enough experience. Entrepreneurial poverty is real. The gender pay gap in self-employment is wider than in employment. This isn’t good enough.

Surely you didn’t start your business to work all the time for less than the national average, and with far more stress and uncertainty than having a job?

If you’re keen to earn more than you’re currently earning, there are several things you can do. THIS is what we’re focusing on.

    Join me live, online, on Wednesday October 6, at 12:30pm AEST.

    You’ll leave with:

    • Common sabotaging mind-traps to earning more – and how to work with your psychology, neurology and physiology to overcome these so you feel way better (as you earn way more!).
    • Your bare minimum viable monthly marketing plan to creating consistent $10K months.
    • Tools to taking your brain and turning it into your expert signature system, so you become the ‘go-to expert’ in your field and great opportunities and people come to you.

    Consistent $10K+ months don’t happen by accident. They happen by DESIGN.


    Join us:

    “I cannot recommend highly enough Brook and her questioning mind, empathetic heart and contagious enthusiasm. Grab this woman’s genius while you can!”

    Di Challenor

    Whistle Communications

    “Brook not only deeply understands the complex aspects of digital marketing, but is able to communicate them lucidly and with great empathy for her audience.”

    Nick Jones

    Academy Xi

    “Brook is a great combination of supportive, plain speaking, encouraging, and firm when required.”

    Lauren Tober

    Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher

    Who am I? 

    Hi, I’m Brook McCarthy.

    I’m a business coach and marketing trainer for professional services business owners who’d rather just do the work than talk about it.

    For the last 13 years that I’ve been in business for myself, I have equipped and empowered thousands of business owners to make boldness their business strategy. This means playing to your strengths, putting your values at the centre of your business, saying something worth listening to, and doing something worth talking about.

    With a background in Public Relations and 16 years’ experience in digital communications, I’ve also worked with some big name clients, training and coaching on behalf of Australia Post, General Assembly, Academy XI, and the National Association for the Visual Arts. But my heart is with soloists, freelancers, coaches and consultants who want to grow outrageously profitable micro-enterprises from home.

    There’s nothing more I enjoy than helping you get what you want. Life’s too short to put up with long hours, low profits, enduring stress, and low-impact work. Let me show you how to grow your business, your way.

    Earnings disclaimer

    This live training gives NO guarantee that you will earn $10K per month, consistently. Most people won’t on their first try … some maybe never.

    The reasons? Many things. It could be a combination of the inability to execute, a lack of planning or refusal to stay focused on the path, an unwillingness to spend enough time and money finessing what they’ve built, bad offers or poor-fit clients that they’re unwilling to let go of.

    Results are not typical. There’s a reason that a small percentage of people own successful businesses and hit amazing revenue goals – because it takes time, work, some money, focus, persistence, open-mindedness, and emotional resilience.

    This free training is not a shiny object, a magic bullet, a secret sauce, an infallible formula, or anything that remotely resembles magic or getting rich quickly. I’m sharing what I know to work – that I’ve tested with many other service-based business owners across a variety of sectors – but it’s 100% up to you to do the work.

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